East Side Players of the Week are: Jayden Rojas, Magali García, Maria Ortiz, Kimber Cox, Bryan Silva, Edward Garcia
Eloise Starrett, Bailey Adams, Johnathan Rios, Kallie Nguyen, Brandon Hurtado, Juana Zamora.
East Side recognizes Mr. Karl for his exceptional leadership on Boss's Day.
Bump, set, spike, East Side students have it going on! Players of the week are: Jayden Marin, Aubrey Williams, Thu Thao Vu, Raul Sanchez , Jimma Sablatura and Juan García-Pérez.
East Side students have all the right plays! Our players of the week are: Jonah Duran, Mia Torres, Madelyn West, Andy Nguyen, Joel Hernandez and Gigi Nguyen
East Side kids are hitting grand slams! Players of the week are:Brooke Greenawalt, Jason Fontenot, Izabella Garcia, Audrey Obenhaus, David Kacer and Ian Torres.
A huge "THANK YOU" TO STP & Palacios Area Fund for the donation of school supplies.
East Side’s kids are suited up and ready to take on the year! Players of the week are: (left to right) Tracen Pérez, Patrick Obenhaus, Aaleya Villarreal, Sanetha Sablatura, Isabel Paniagua and Christopher Cano.
Game on at East Side Intermediate! Our Players of the week are Yammir Gomez, Scarlett Jenkins, Elias Ramon, Axel Hyde, Ellen Claire Richards and Jimmy Ngo. Big thank you to Sonic Drive-in for donating ice-cream coupons to our students!