Floating Classroom

Texas Floating Classroom The Archimedes is a floating classroom based out of Corpus Christi and the Fifth Grade students recently explored the bay and the creatures that call it home. The boat has a capacity of 30 passengers plus crew and is equipped with a full complement of scientific equipment for accurate observation of the marine environment and collection of specimens for on board study, including plankton nets, microscopes, a ponar dredge, sieves, touch tank and much more. Students examined the life forms caught, which included jellyfish, shrimp and many different fish species. Captain Whitney even explained how to tell the male shrimp from the female shrimp. A bottle nose dolphin also made an appearance following the boat into the docks. Many students also got to kiss the fish in the touch tank, which turned into a popular photo shoot. The Coast Guard even made a surprised inspection visit and the Archimedes passed with flying colors making the students feel even safer than before. This was a great opportunity to show students in a hands on way the diversity we have in the bay that’s right around them. About ¼ of the kids had never been on a boat before, so this was a great boat experience with the added education experiences.